Tiki Tourist

Olivia takes you on a tourist trip to the exotic Hawaii. A place where the ocean breeze is always calming, beautiful birds singing and colourful flowers always in bloom. But all of that might get you a bit mesmerized but so will the heavy drinks in Tiki Bars. This trip is a one you will never forget... or will you?

Duration: 5:17

Soul of Gold

Almost a signature act of Olivia's this number will take you to the essence of the  "Real lady with a Rock'n'Roll twist" that Olivia Rouge is from head to toe. Soft like melted chocolate but also hard as gold, Olivia brings you a mixture of classic, sensual striptease with a fast, intense climax towards the end. She sure likes to dance!

Duration: 6:42

Garage Rouge


Olivia Rouge turns herself into a ravishing bump'n'grinding rebel in this very number. Olivia turns herself from
garage worker into a steaming hot Hot Rod Gal!

Duration: 04:13

Minnie Loves Mickey


Everybody knows Mickey Mouse and how he goes to sail on the seas? But what about Minnie? What happens to her when she has to wait for her sweetheart alone at home? In this performance you get to see what happens to Minnie time after time when Mickey goes to the sea to defy his death. Minnie may look really innocent but the truth is very different..

Duration: 5:17

Edward Scissorhands

Yes you guessed it correctly! Olivia Rouge is turning herself into the amazing cult character in this fantastic number! There will be lots of scissors and some interesting use of them. This number is already a classic and perfect for Halloween shows!

Duration: 4:31

Jungle Queen - Not available at the moment!

No one can tame the Jungle’s real Queen even though many wish it to happen. This number is all about cat like movement, dripping with sensuality but yet with a dangerous twist. Just like the felines, Jungle’s true Queens.

Duration: 04:06


Get your castanets ready, because Olivia Rouge is taking you on a trip to the fiery Spain! This passionate act is spiced with some flamenco moves and music with real rhythm. It's time to shake and seduce!

Duration: 5:24


Join Olivia to the wintery dreamland where all things are frozen and looks like chrystal. See as Olivia peels herself from the frost and shows the pearls inside.

Duration: 05:30

Femme Fatale - Not available at the moment!

Just like from an old smoky bar this is a show with mystic as in the old film noir movies. This number contains some sensual moving with dramatic music. The real fox stole and some cigarette holder guarantee, that this ain't just some girl next door show we are talking about. If you are seeking for a bit of evil night out, this is a show for you!

Duration: 4:32


Inspired by the greek goddes of the night, ghouls, magic and witchcraft this act is full of mysterious touch. A bit on the darker side it is perfect for halloween and other gloomy events!

Duration: 4:15

TMNT - April O'Neil

Ah, childhood memories! That fun bunch of little turtles that turned into Ninjas, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But can you remember their collague, the hot red head in yellow overalls? Yes, it's April O'Neil, the reporter of everyone's dreams!
Olivia is bringing you an act full of energy, dat ass and humour. This act is something that everyone will talk about for weeks after seeing it.

Duration: 4:53

Part of Me

So many of us have been through it and mostly for no reason at all. Being bullied, called names, an outcast, you name it. This is a story with real background in Olivia's life, a story to tell everyone how they are important and perfect just the way they are and shouldn't care about negative things people have to say. This act is emotional, fierce, energetic and empowering.

Duration: 4:55

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