perjantai 19. helmikuuta 2016

New collaboration with Ballerina & Liikunta!

Olivia Rouge is proud to announce her new collaboration with Ballerina & Liikunta boutique from her hometown Tampere! This collaboration is for Olivia Rouge but also for her Olivia Rouge's School of Burlesque. And this collaboration doesn't only benefit Olivia but also her students!

You are able to get great discount coupons and campaign info for Ballerina & Liikunta when you attend to one of Olivia's workshops and classes!

Ballerina & Liikunta has a lovely shop in the center of Tampere at Hämeenkatu 29, street level, 33200 Tampere. From there you will find a massive selection of all things necessary if your hobby has something to do with either dance, figure skating or even just the gym!  They also provide amazing glitterprints for your clothes and rhinestone embellishments! Ballerina & Liikunta also have their own web boutique at:

 Make sure you also follow them in other social media services!

The whole outfit in this photo is from Ballerina & Liikunta!