maanantai 12. lokakuuta 2015

Olivia Rouge hoodies pre-order!

Would you like to have an Olivia Rouge hoodie for yourself? Well now it is possible! I will be doing a pre-order campaign of official Olivia Rouge hoodies and if there is enough people purchasing them in advance, then I can make an order for the company that makes them.
So there will be both unisex and ladyfit versions of the hoodie, both in black with zipper and the price is 45€ + postages (to Finland 7,50€, internationals please contact me for details). You can also pick your hoodie up from an event where I'm performing at!
Here is a really quick draft of what the hoodie would look like (the size of the print will be as big as possible but don't know the exact measurements yet).

You can make your order via e-mail oliviarouge at with the title OLIVIA ROUGE HOODIE ORDER so it won't get lost with all the other e-mails. Orders should be made by 21st of October for the first batch (this way I can get them by the Teerenpeli Horror & Tease show)!

So in a nutshell:
E-mail me with your hope of size and model (XS-XXL unisex or ladyfit) and with your billing details (name, address etc.) and how would you like me to deliver it to you.
I will contact people after the 21st of October if we are able to make an order or if we should make the order time a bit longer

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