perjantai 21. marraskuuta 2014

Teerenpeli Tease - Jingle Blings

Teerenpeli & Olivia Rouge proudly presents:
"Teerenpeli Tease - Jingle Blings"

Teerenpeli's basement comes to live once again and this time we are celebrating Christmas! You can forget the usual silent nights and mistletoes, since this party is something completely different! Our cast of amazing performers will make sure that you won't leave the basement without a smile on your face! So come and spend an evening of fun with a bunch of friends, you are always welcome at Teerenpeli!

During the evening you will be entertained by the following performers:

Affinity Starr, Estonia
Bent van der Bleu
Marie la Mint
Lily de Spell
Dye Nasty
Stand-up comedian Antti Syrjä

Host of the evening is the sassy, spicy Stella Polaire!
Pick-up girl Ghoulina Killmister
Spinning the records for you is Dj Jirci

Tickets 12€, sold only at the door!

Tickets are available for a discounted price of 10€ with Teerenpeli's own keychain that you can purchase online and also get fantastic discounts on drinks etc. too! See more here:

Showtime is: 19:00
The show is K18

This is the last Teerenpeli Tease for this year but don't you worry, there are plenty of more exciting events to come next spring!
Remember to follow Teerenpeli Tease and Tampere Burlesque pages here in facebook to get all the necessary info about what's going on and when in our area!

All the possible questions and inquiries about the show can be directed to: oliviarouge at

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