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Teerenpeli Horror & Tease Show 1.11!

Teerenpeli & Olivia Rouge proudly presents:
"Teerenpeli Horror & Tease Show"
Saturday 1st of November, Time: 20-02 @ Teerenpeli Tampere, Hämeenkatu 25

Teerenpeli's basement comes to live once again and this time we are celebrating the best time of the year: Halloween! Since the theme is Horror & Tease you can be sure to see some ghoulish acts by very talented performers. So come and spend an evening of fun with a bunch of friends, you are always welcome at Teerenpeli!

During the evening you will be entertained by the following performers:

Miss Vampfire, Italy
Golden Treasure, Germany
The Ravishing Shangri-La Rubies
Frank Doggenstein
Holy Curves!
Cherry "Turrrbocherry" Dee
Tin Ker Bell
Stella Polaire
Olivia Rouge

Host of the evening is the haunting Lafayette Lestrange!
Pick-up girl Miss Magpie
Spinning the records for you is Dj Jirci

There is a best dressed competition at the event also, so bring in your a-game and wear your most terrifying outfits!

Tickets 16€, sold ONLY at the door from 20:00 onwards on the day of the show so be there early! NOTICE! Make sure you have some cash with you! Tickets are available for a discounted price of 14€ with Teerenpeli's own keychain that you can purchase online and also get fantastic discounts on drinks etc. too! See more here:

Showtime is: 21:00
The show is K18

There will be a Dr. Sketchy event also on the thursday before the show that will have a haunting theme in it too so join us if you are interested! Also a workshop will be provided on the day of the show for people interested in learning some burlesque tricks.

The last Teerenpeli Tease of the autumn will be celebrated on 13th of December!

Remember to follow Teerenpeli Tease and Tampere Burlesque pages here in facebook to get all the necessary info about what's going on and when in our area!

All the possible questions and inquirys about the show can be directed to:

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